Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Polka Dot and Macaron Affair . ..mmm

Yea. .I wear them eyelashes. ..all day errday** ;) hehe

Hey you guys!
Ever wonder what I do on my days off??

I like to do anything and everything!!! From lazing around, to my many walks with my pup I love slothing around and/or being active!

But my most favorite day off activity. ..

Getting ready and looking damn cute!!! Hahaha (duh!! Couldn't you have guessed??)

Okay okay, in all seriousness picking out the lunch/brunch spot is a close second. ..mmm food**

Here are a few pics of a typical lazy Sunday with me <3

My newest Vice!! aggghhh*** they're so little yet so very evil!!!!! 
There are a few spots to get these delicious little devils but my  most favorite go to place is THIERRY!!!! <3 <3 <3 Get me macarons from Theirry and I will love you forever ;)
Tough to describe! I just love how they're chewy with lots of substance and yet not too sweet!!
(I crave these little guys about. ...twice a week haha)

Love <3 hate </3 relationship 

{Left: Mini Celine Luggage Tote} {Right: Prada Galleria Tote}

My latest babies :)

So, odd fact about myself. I like to name things. 

Haha that's right, I name things. Please, let me elaborate. 

The Prada on the right, I named her Pradie. ..lol (not very creative I know)
The Celine on the left. ..I named her. ......wait for it. ...FACE BABY! LOL!!
 Don't you just love that? And Hello! It's because she has a face!!!!
Fyi she can only talk when the zipper is pulled open. ..hahah ohhh  yesss I am an odd one. .. .................................=.=

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Prada Galleria Tote

Good day everyone <3

Haha here is photographic evidence that I do not always wear 6" heels ;)

The funny thing is that this was my "lets-go-tandem-biking-outfit"
. ..lets just say that, that wasn't received very well . ..

 {Top: Club Monaco } {Belt: Vintage} {Shorts: Thailand market} {Bag: Prada}

I love camera whoring <3 <3 <3 I love  Pouting <3 <3 >3
LOL. ..okay you can stop gagging now haha

Milly: Lets go!

Boyfriend: Umm, what are we going to do?

Milly: Tandem biking remember?????

Boyfriend: UHHHHHH in those shorts and with Pradie?

Milly:. ....I'm wearing flats. ............

Boyfriend: *Unimpressed face***

(I swear i'm not a ditz)

So we did not go biking! lol
Here you go!! up close and personal!!!! In all of its double zipper glory!!!!!! <3
What do you guys think?? LOVE LOVE???
Ended up at a nice lounge and a million places downtown! And my outfit fit in perfectly wherever I went.  And you know what? If I didn't fit in, whatever! LOL Always better to be overdressed than underdressed!! Your world is your catwalk remember???? (how can you remember? i'm like the flakiest blogger ever)

 FYI - shoutout to boyfriend as this was his present to me for our anniversary!

My first Prada and my first purse from boyfriend. ...and MORE to come????? yeah yeah???
(you reading this bf??)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

pt. 2. ..Thailand <3 Bangkok and Phuket edition <3

geez. ...poser much? Who is this girl. ...*coughcough
Here we are in lovely Thailand <3 This is my most favourite place on earth!!
 It's a such a wonderful and busy city full of street markets  that are open till the wee hours of the night!
Inexpensive, clean, STRONG massages!! (Go to HEALTH LAND!!!!!)
Restaurants to die for and street eats that will keep you out of those said restaurants! Lol

All in all,  It has everything I love!!!

Shopping (super cute girly stuff! like bows. ..and bows!!! lol) but it also has a lot of really cool unique local stuff too!!! (which everyone will love! Girly or not!)

 --The Food! Omg! the food is amazing!! There are places where you can go prawning!! Meaning you actually fish for your own prawns in the restaurant!!! whatever you catch they cook for you! It's fun and delish!!!
Now for one of my favourite meals in Thailand. ..I have to confess. ... I'm a little ghetto. ..cuz one of my favourite meals to have in Thailand are the street noodles. ..lol!! And NO I did NOT get the runs!! LOLL trust meeee they're soooo goooood <3 <3 <3 xoxoxox *drools*

 Oh and best of all it's always Hot hot hot!!! <3 Gimmie the heat!!! And yes. ..I love it even when it's hot and muggy lol. ...(does that make me weird). ...oh well. ...I never said I was normal to start with!! hahahahah
Oh. ..love my floral top?. ..Thailand! Haha
Here I am  being a camera whore in Siam Paragon Mall lol! This place is great for shopping! It's huge!!! it has an AQUARIUM!!! (please sign up for the day tour!! Highly recommenddd) and it has a huuuggeee food court!!! Definitely not your typical food court! It has tons of food to choose from!(Great choice to choose to eat if you're street food shy) A lot of cool and unique fast food joints that's exclusive to southeast Asia! (please refer to picture below - Pepper Lunch)  

Seriously. ..Just look at my face. ...grinning from ear to ear. ..says it all haha
oh btw. ..you like my dress?? The white things are bunnies. ...it's from Thailand! haha

Why hello friend. ...
Kiss me you fool.

So now the trip brings us to Phuket! It's a gorgeous city that's great for relaxing and enjoying the beach life!

But we all know I'm a city girl with a huge case of shopaholism! Nevertheless I had a lot of fun (well I did go for an epic wedding lol!!!)

Congrats to my Dear friends Carmen and Colin <3

The Villa - Sava - Where the Reception was held
Yes, 90% of the Guests were thrown into this pool by the end of the night lol myself included!. ...my dress. ..bastards hahaha
Speechless <3

Funny story here. ...Little scatterbrain me forgot to hang her dress. ..and guess what happens when a silk dress is packed in a jam-packed luggage? WRINKLES!! >:(
I was sad because my dress was SOOOO Wrinkly. ...I tried everything. ..sprinkling it with water. .turning the shower on HOT in hopes that the steam would steam out my dress somehow ...hahah
I was sulking like mad. ..and boyfriend (watching me fail at my miserable attempts to de-wrinklefy my dress) says. .."It's not that bad, you can barely notice it. *CLICK*"
So he takes a picture of me. ..and guess what! You can't see the wrinkles through photography!! LOL who cares if people can see it? Their camera's can't!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Katniss Everdeen? My try at Archery!!

Hello dear readers!

While I was busy editing my 3 part M.I.A blog series when I came across these photos.

This is my newest and latest adventure!! I've become a real life Katniss Everdeen! Haha

I highly recommend anyone and everyone to have a try at archery! It is absolutely exhilarating!!!
I'm having so much fun at ROYAL CITY ARCHERS!! The instructors are these two little old ladies!! But DO NOT be fooled!! These ladies have soo much character, whip, and experience that you'll be reconsidering that "sweet little old lady" line haha!!!
After just 3 lessons I found myself online looking to buy a shiny new compound bow for myself lol
(what i'm using in these pictures is a recurve bow.  A compound bow is a lot crazier looking! haha it has cams on both ends so you can shoot faster!!!) *I swear i'm not crazy**

Steady, aim. ..

fire?? err. .....RELEASE!

At the end of the day shooting from a bow and arrow is really fun!! 
Sure it's not as glamorous as my stiletto heels and designer stuff but it's definitely worth trying :)


Not your ordinary fashion blogger <3


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

M.I.A from blogging Pt. 1 (Hong Kong)

 To my Wonderful followers. ...Here is Part 1. of my month long vacation to HK, Thailand, and Vietnam. . ..You will see a few sights and eats, but mainly you will see and notice that I have masterfully mixed and matched my outfits to make each and everyday a catwalk <3

ooooo so delicious, you choose, they cook, you eat (top 3 meals of the tri

PICTURES PICTURES PICTURES!!!!  <3 They're apparently worth a thousand words. ....sooo I guess I don't have to elaborate much. ..esp since they're mainly pics of myself LOL.

LESSON OF THE DAY!!! There is NO reaso to not look cute while on vacation.
The heavy make-up, eyelashes, and "would I dare to wear" outfits (okay, I'm talking about out of your comfort zone, not scandalous barely there daring outfits haha) are the things that you should apply on a daily basis while on vacation!!!
Reason being, EVERYDAY IS A PHOTOSHOOT!!! AND!!! You will never see these people ever again.
Take this time to explore your fashion options! Try new outfits you'd be too chicken to try back at home, test and play with your make-up and hair, and definitely take a lot of pictures and look wonderful in them :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Having cookies with Yves <3*

Hello Lovely's <3 It has been lovely and sunny here lately (btw, have you noticed? my bangs have grown out soooo much since 2011 (Like? Dislike?) Despite my flourish in bang length,  for some weird reason the overall length of my hair seems to be the same. I swear it has been at the same length for 3+ years, and all my friends never fail to remind me of that either. They're so mean, why would I wanted to be reminded of my stunted hair growth?) Anyways, moving on back to the main topic! So what did I decide to do on a nice and sunny day like this? I decided to go Vintage shopping!! Okay, so I have't gone in awhile.  The last time I've been prices were really good and reasonable! Like what you would expect for used clothing!!! But I guess with the surplus of hipsters and trendymcgee's vintage stores have been cashing-in and raising prices!!! Wooee, clothing was expensive! As expensive as NEW clothing!! What's up with that? No seriously, I can pay $80 for this cute "semi-dusty smelling top". ......or. ..or.. I can pay $80 for a spanking new "fresh-out-of-the-box" smelling top. ...I'm so confused. ...what is this world coming to? Help*

Do you like my YSL bag!?!? I tried on the Large size but it was waaayyy too enormous
even for me!

Gosh I look so damn happy. Happy for the camera or sun? Bwahaha
I guess my expression does read "Yay, I'd love for you to help me take a picture of me!'

{Cardigan: XXI}{Belt: UrbanOutfitters}{Purse: Yves Saint Laurent, CHYC Medium} 
 It's LOADED with pecans!!! Crispy edges and soft ooey gooey center *drools*
Oh, and they're HUGE <3 Dinky cookies get me mad. 

Do not feed me dinky cookies
(Death stare)

IT'S SOOO YUMMYY!! I have cravings for this cookie!! It's the BEST!!!
(That is other than my own cocoa chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, humble? What?)
Hey, I do have the testimonials to prove it! I don't just loosely throw out accolades to myself. ....oh wait I do. ..Haha how embarrassing. 

Here's yet another picture of me :D

My bf's bff. ...lets call her. ..."ARIEL". ...yes, the mermaid. 
She noted that I had been so very out of the picture taking/posting. What had been going on with me? No more standing in front of the mirror posing in-front on my blackberry? WHO IS THIS WOMAN!?!? What have you done with her!?!? So to prove that I am truly back, here is a post full of me and myself. <3

Thanks Ariel.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

7 Months and 15 days. ...I Have Returned!!!

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm the worst blogger ever!!
It has been  7 months and 15 days since my last post! It has definitely been awhile 
(Have you missed me? Please say yes to spare my feelings)
{Sunglasses: Paul smith} {Necklace: Jcrew}
I come back to find this is unfinished draft from last August! OMG =.=.......**
cute non-skankalicious beach wear tho no?

My friend duly noted that I look like KEN Masters from STREET FIGHTER LOLL!!

Hey, I don't know if you noticed, but yours truly was rocking the kimono styles in 2011! And what do you see everywhere in 2012!?!??? *AHEM** Ahead of my time? I THINK SO! LOLLL (Humble bone in my body? Naaaa* humble is overrated haha)

Okay, so for all my followers that I have neglected these past 7 months and 15 days I truly apologize! (Do you even care? Or is it the same when I apologize to my clothes for not wearing them often enough. ...Zero response)

FYI this picture here ->
Is very very very very very very...very ME!

During the weekdays I truly look like a crazy bag lady, no joke (I don't see people, I just stare at a screen all day). So on the weekends even if I'm doing something like running errands I dress up and wear a cute outfit! I'm seeing people for once!! Yay!
And the response I get from my bf? No, not a "baby you look so cute" nor a, "wow, hottie in the room!"
haha I get a lovely
"uhhh what's with the makeup? You know we're just getting gas right?" . .....>< Thanks babe. ....*cries*
Well, why would I waste my cute weekend outfit when during the weekdays I'm not even lucky enough to see a gas station attendant!?!?!? Hahaahh okay fine, I'm just crazy. (First step to recovery is admittance right?)

Anyhoo! To the point!! Bloggers, followers, fashionistas, everyone!! I have returned to the blogging world! Whether it matters or not, I pledge to continue to post useless blogs depicting my narcissistic and consumerist personality!! Woowoo!

Stayed tuned ladies and gentlemen! <3 Muah!Missed you! XOXO