Sunday, March 25, 2012

7 Months and 15 days. ...I Have Returned!!!

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm the worst blogger ever!!
It has been  7 months and 15 days since my last post! It has definitely been awhile 
(Have you missed me? Please say yes to spare my feelings)
{Sunglasses: Paul smith} {Necklace: Jcrew}
I come back to find this is unfinished draft from last August! OMG =.=.......**
cute non-skankalicious beach wear tho no?

My friend duly noted that I look like KEN Masters from STREET FIGHTER LOLL!!

Hey, I don't know if you noticed, but yours truly was rocking the kimono styles in 2011! And what do you see everywhere in 2012!?!??? *AHEM** Ahead of my time? I THINK SO! LOLLL (Humble bone in my body? Naaaa* humble is overrated haha)

Okay, so for all my followers that I have neglected these past 7 months and 15 days I truly apologize! (Do you even care? Or is it the same when I apologize to my clothes for not wearing them often enough. ...Zero response)

FYI this picture here ->
Is very very very very very very...very ME!

During the weekdays I truly look like a crazy bag lady, no joke (I don't see people, I just stare at a screen all day). So on the weekends even if I'm doing something like running errands I dress up and wear a cute outfit! I'm seeing people for once!! Yay!
And the response I get from my bf? No, not a "baby you look so cute" nor a, "wow, hottie in the room!"
haha I get a lovely
"uhhh what's with the makeup? You know we're just getting gas right?" . .....>< Thanks babe. ....*cries*
Well, why would I waste my cute weekend outfit when during the weekdays I'm not even lucky enough to see a gas station attendant!?!?!? Hahaahh okay fine, I'm just crazy. (First step to recovery is admittance right?)

Anyhoo! To the point!! Bloggers, followers, fashionistas, everyone!! I have returned to the blogging world! Whether it matters or not, I pledge to continue to post useless blogs depicting my narcissistic and consumerist personality!! Woowoo!

Stayed tuned ladies and gentlemen! <3 Muah!Missed you! XOXO


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