Tuesday, May 29, 2012

M.I.A from blogging Pt. 1 (Hong Kong)

 To my Wonderful followers. ...Here is Part 1. of my month long vacation to HK, Thailand, and Vietnam. . ..You will see a few sights and eats, but mainly you will see and notice that I have masterfully mixed and matched my outfits to make each and everyday a catwalk <3

ooooo so delicious, you choose, they cook, you eat (top 3 meals of the tri

PICTURES PICTURES PICTURES!!!!  <3 They're apparently worth a thousand words. ....sooo I guess I don't have to elaborate much. ..esp since they're mainly pics of myself LOL.

LESSON OF THE DAY!!! There is NO reaso to not look cute while on vacation.
The heavy make-up, eyelashes, and "would I dare to wear" outfits (okay, I'm talking about out of your comfort zone, not scandalous barely there daring outfits haha) are the things that you should apply on a daily basis while on vacation!!!
Reason being, EVERYDAY IS A PHOTOSHOOT!!! AND!!! You will never see these people ever again.
Take this time to explore your fashion options! Try new outfits you'd be too chicken to try back at home, test and play with your make-up and hair, and definitely take a lot of pictures and look wonderful in them :)

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