Thursday, June 21, 2012

pt. 2. ..Thailand <3 Bangkok and Phuket edition <3

geez. ...poser much? Who is this girl. ...*coughcough
Here we are in lovely Thailand <3 This is my most favourite place on earth!!
 It's a such a wonderful and busy city full of street markets  that are open till the wee hours of the night!
Inexpensive, clean, STRONG massages!! (Go to HEALTH LAND!!!!!)
Restaurants to die for and street eats that will keep you out of those said restaurants! Lol

All in all,  It has everything I love!!!

Shopping (super cute girly stuff! like bows. ..and bows!!! lol) but it also has a lot of really cool unique local stuff too!!! (which everyone will love! Girly or not!)

 --The Food! Omg! the food is amazing!! There are places where you can go prawning!! Meaning you actually fish for your own prawns in the restaurant!!! whatever you catch they cook for you! It's fun and delish!!!
Now for one of my favourite meals in Thailand. ..I have to confess. ... I'm a little ghetto. ..cuz one of my favourite meals to have in Thailand are the street noodles.!! And NO I did NOT get the runs!! LOLL trust meeee they're soooo goooood <3 <3 <3 xoxoxox *drools*

 Oh and best of all it's always Hot hot hot!!! <3 Gimmie the heat!!! And yes. ..I love it even when it's hot and muggy lol. ...(does that make me weird). ...oh well. ...I never said I was normal to start with!! hahahahah
Oh. my floral top?. ..Thailand! Haha
Here I am  being a camera whore in Siam Paragon Mall lol! This place is great for shopping! It's huge!!! it has an AQUARIUM!!! (please sign up for the day tour!! Highly recommenddd) and it has a huuuggeee food court!!! Definitely not your typical food court! It has tons of food to choose from!(Great choice to choose to eat if you're street food shy) A lot of cool and unique fast food joints that's exclusive to southeast Asia! (please refer to picture below - Pepper Lunch)  

Seriously. ..Just look at my face. ...grinning from ear to ear. ..says it all haha
oh btw. like my dress?? The white things are bunnies.'s from Thailand! haha

Why hello friend. ...
Kiss me you fool.

So now the trip brings us to Phuket! It's a gorgeous city that's great for relaxing and enjoying the beach life!

But we all know I'm a city girl with a huge case of shopaholism! Nevertheless I had a lot of fun (well I did go for an epic wedding lol!!!)

Congrats to my Dear friends Carmen and Colin <3

The Villa - Sava - Where the Reception was held
Yes, 90% of the Guests were thrown into this pool by the end of the night lol myself included!. dress. ..bastards hahaha
Speechless <3

Funny story here. ...Little scatterbrain me forgot to hang her dress. ..and guess what happens when a silk dress is packed in a jam-packed luggage? WRINKLES!! >:(
I was sad because my dress was SOOOO Wrinkly. ...I tried everything. ..sprinkling it with water. .turning the shower on HOT in hopes that the steam would steam out my dress somehow ...hahah
I was sulking like mad. ..and boyfriend (watching me fail at my miserable attempts to de-wrinklefy my dress) says. .."It's not that bad, you can barely notice it. *CLICK*"
So he takes a picture of me. ..and guess what! You can't see the wrinkles through photography!! LOL who cares if people can see it? Their camera's can't!

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